Enter Eckler – Canada’s largest independent actuarial consulting firm.

Based in Canada and the Caribbean


The Lifelong Leadership Institute (LLI) is an educational organization that provides innovative leadership development to Canadian youth of Jamaican, African-Caribbean and Black heritage, so that they may fulfill their personal and professional ambitions, provide inspiring leadership to their communities and country, and make this world a better place for all.


BrandEQ is a creative marketing and communications agency that specializes in marketing services such as brand building, strategizing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, digital ads, video production and others. By utilizing these marketing services, Brand EQ is able to build brand awareness, facilitate engagement between brands and their target audiences/consumers, and help brands reach greater heights of success.


African Fashion Week Toronto provides an unparalleled level of brand exposure drawing hundreds of thousands of impressions and opportunities for brands to connect directly with their target market. Home to top influential afro-inspired designers and the next generation of emerging design talent in Canada and from around the world, African Fashion Week Toronto creates regional and worldwide opportunities for brands to build a relationship with their audiences.


To be the organization of choice serving the Black community’s business, professional and economic development needs.