"Hi, Cecil.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and all that you have done to make our wedding day special.

You are truly a master of your art. In fact, we should appreciate if you choose the photos for the

thank you cards because you have a great eye for that kind of stuff.

For example, the photos you choose for the site are great.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure will be beautiful.

We think 125 cards should be sufficient. 




"Many thanks, Cec! You are such a sweetheart!!!"



"Hi, Cecil.

Just letting you know you were a hit at the wedding.

My parents loved the way you arranged the family for those perfect family photos.

Thanks for the artistic photos we will have for the rest of our lives.

You are a true professional."



"Hi Cecil

The sample photos are fantastic, I cant wait to see the rest of them.

I’m glad you could be our photographer;

I know my family enjoyed seeing you again!!

If you could send me your address so I can send you gratuity.

Thanks again."



"The pictures look awesome Cec.

You did a great job with them and we are very happy.

We will let you know which ones we would like to enlarge soon

(there are so many to choose from)."



"Hi, Cecil,

Louise Millar here.

I just have one thing to say about the wedding photos-WOW!!

They are fabulous. Thanks so much.

Hey Cec, I was able to pick up the pictures on Wednesday.

Thank you so much! We love them!"



"Hi there  Cecil.

We are back from our honeymoon and are sending you our new email address….

Firstly though we would like to thank you so very much

for all the effort you put into the photography at our wedding.

We are very grateful to have you there and

were impressed by your enthusiasm!!



"Hi, Cecil,

WOW!!! We really LOVE the shots you sent us…

these photos are spectacular!

Thanks so much for the preview.

We certainly enjoyed working with you and we feel

fortunate that our other photographer was a no show...

we look forward to seeing the rest of the photos…"



"The photographs you sent me literally took my breath away.

I went to the library with my daughter yesterday, she booked computer time.

1 hour, of which she allowed me a whole 5 minutes.

I checked my email and realized you had replied to the one I sent you,

I opened it and literally. WOW!!! My friend, you are EXTREMELY!!

Talented, my God, Cecil you capture God's beauty so,


I am speechless, seeing your magnificent works of art each intricate detail.

Keep smiling and shooting. God Bless you."


"(PS will you be starting any nature class anytime soon?)"



The pictures you took at our wedding have been so overwhelming!!!

They arrived in the Fall and I looked and looked and looked…

and then looked them over again...  then in the Spring,

I took them home and the family looked and looked them over and over again too.

People have been gushing and bubbling over with joy about how great the pics are.

It’s been great getting feedback on the pics.




"Cecil, you are an incredible photographer.

We had no idea how many shots you took until we saw the proofs.

We are blown away. They all looked incredible.

Thanks for taking the time to get the most out of us and combining the cool backdrops.

You made us stand out from the crowd. The best part of it all you are such a cool guy…

Very happy,"



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